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Friday, August 6, 2010

Sitting in a Hammock Sipping a White Russian

Hey guys 'n gals! First off, thanks for visiting/reading MAIZE WINGS. I'm very stoked about not only the upcoming football season (less than a month away EEEEEEEEEE!) but the possibilities and future of this blog. Though it may seem like I'm in a hammock drinking white russians, I'm actually working diligently to collect information, write, and finalize a few wonderful pieces before the start of the season and the subsequent pre-season predictions.

No guarantees on if this one is going to work out, but at the moment it appears I'll be able to interview a member of the current Michigan Marching Band and ask a few questions, band related and otherwise! This promises to be a spectacular experience so hopefully I'm able to.

I've also gotten my hands on a few old playbooks, from two of Rich Rodriguez's while he was at West Virginia to some old Michigan playbooks. Mid-80s (exact year uncertain) and 1997 defensive playbooks will be scanned over/evaulated (for what my e-pinion is worth), and two MORE special treats: Fritz Crisler's from 1947, and Field H. Yosts from 1905. These also promise to be extremely special.

A very, very big 'thank you' goes out to Brian from www.mgoblog.com for linking me in his latest 'random news' post, also dubbed "Unverified Voracity". If you haven't yet seen his masterpiece, head on over and experience what is one of the best football blogs, if not the best, on all of the internet!

Look for those pieces up early next week, have a wonderful, safe, relaxing weekend, and as always, GO BLUE!

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